Ancient art form, or the modern brand’s secret weapon?


In case you missed the memo, it’s on a major “comeback” tour. (With Jeff Bezos headlining.) That’s because employees and consumers have never been more distracted, disinterested, and deaf to all the messaging crackling like artillery fire around them.

And savvy marketers know it.

Since the dawn of time, storytelling is more than how we’ve communicated with each other – it’s how we’ve persuaded. If you want to lead like a five-star general, build engagement, and wield greater influence, story is, hands down, the way to do it.

Which begs the question: what’s your story? And more importantly, how well do you tell it?

From derivative to distinctive

If you’re like me, sometimes you’re a little too smart for your own good. In an effort to strategize and position, you get hung up on what everyone else is doing. Don’t get me wrong. What the competition does isn’t irrelevant. But it’s not central to who your brand is, either.

Sometimes we get so busy pitting ourselves against the other guys that we become derivative of them – rather than being uniquely ourselves.

I know I’m guilty as charged.

See, my story, in large part, is one of reinvention. Yet for a long time, I wasn’t willing to tell it. It didn’t sound like everybody else’s. And I wondered if “different” equaled “bad.”

So I didn’t talk about how I hustled my way out of the healthcare industry and into advertising (with no experience or credible writing portfolio). Or how back-to-back layoffs early on left me with my pants down, forcing me to diversify.

Instead, I tried to look as cool and creative as Madison Avenue copywriters. I highlighted awards. I touted accomplishments. Not a bad strategy. But not a remarkable story, either.

I missed how all the early career change and upheaval enabled me to take to new projects and teams like a fish to water. (Which saves clients like you time and money.)

I neglected to talk about the left-brain strengths that made me a good strategist. Too bad, because creative types with a head for business do more than turn a good phrase: they also turn a good profit for marketers.

And I forgot to mention how much I enjoy connecting and empowering people. That’s a shame, because people don’t remember what you say or do: they remember how you make them feel. And who doesn’t want to feel more connected or empowered?

By trying to be like other copywriters, I lost touch with my own story – a loss for me, and also for my clients.

But you don’t have to make the same mistake I did.

Own your story, own the room

In tight markets, sometimes the difference between you and your rivals can be measured in mere degrees. But one thing no one else can claim is your story. And there’s nothing more compelling than a brand unafraid to share it.

In a world starving for authenticity, trust, and meaningful connection, story is the ultimate bridge builder. Here’s how we’ll build yours.

The Process

First, we'll talk Brand

What’s your mission and USP? Your brand’s personality and characteristics? Its tone and voice? (If needed, we can flesh these out.) We’ll talk about what gets you excited, and what keeps you up at night. More than an exercise in defining who you are, this is about envisioning what your brand can become.

Then comes Audience

Your story isn’t all about you. It’s also about your customer – and it needs to be told in a way that resonates with them. So we’ll look at (or create) customer personas that help us get inside their heads. Then we’ll move down to their hearts.

Next up, the reason(s) to believe

What’s the promise you’re making to customers – and why should they believe it? How do you want them to feel? (If you don’t have this outlined in a strategy or creative brief, we can work on one together.) What you say is important. But how and why you say it is what sets you apart.

We’ll wrap it in the creative

What’s the big idea that nabs customers’ attention and piques their interest? We’ll create something around your story with an element of surprise and delight. Your customer might fall in love with your brand all over again. You might even too.

Lastly, we’ll implement

What about the visual storytelling? I’ll work with your designer to seamlessly execute the art and copy. (If you need a designer – or a developer – I can assemble a small team for you.) We’ll keep tweaking until all of it sings. Then we’ll sit back and watch it perform.

What makes working with me different?

I bring something to the table not all copywriters can – scope.

After many years of constant reinvention, I’ve worn multiple hats. Agency writer. Client-side copy supervisor and creative director. Solopreneur. All of which has given me a wide-angle POV. That means I see strategies and solutions where others see problems. It also means I understand you need more than “a little copy”: you need a communications framework that supports your long and short-term business goals. It’s a distinction that separates the kids from the adults.

And it separates the “me too brands” from the powerhouses.


  • Senior-level writer, CD, copy supervisor, and creative lead
  • Heavy B2B experience in financial & professional services
  • Heavy B2C experience working on consumer packaged goods
  • Biz dev experience writing proposals and pitch decks

Here are a few of the brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with

(I've worked with my share of smaller businesses, too)

Here’s what people say about me

“Anthony always amazes me with his ability to dive into new subject matter and make it sound like he’s been writing about the topic for years. When it comes to copy, I’ve worked exclusively with him for more than six years. He’s always my first call, my first recommendation, and my first lieutenant in the creative march.”

Danny Hernandez, Creative Director

“I actually referred to Anthony as a copy ‘god’ in one of our email exchanges. That’s how incredible he made my business sound, and how excited he made me to be its owner.”

Rich Kelly, Owner, Reynwood Communications

“Few people tell a story as well as Anthony. He and I have collaborated on multiple projects over the past 15 years and he has helped me raise the level of quality on every one of them.”

Tim Kau, CIO, Growth & Strategy, PwC

“My business needed to raise $250M in capital. With Anthony’s writing, we sounded like a $250M brand capable of reaching that goal.”

Eric Smith, Principal, Locust Point Capital

“How do I love Anthony, let me count the ways. Not only is he fun and easy to work with, but he really knows his stuff. He elevated the final creative deliverable of every project we worked on together.”

Katherine Karapatian, Account Manager

“My agency has partnered with Anthony on multiple projects and the result is always the same – copy that has impact. When I overhauled my business’s own web content, he was the first phone call I made.”

Adam Taylor, Splendor Design