Too much like your competitors and not enough like you?


The subtle art of getting customers to perceive your brand in a certain way, versus your competition.

Many brands become so fixated on positioning themselves as similar to their larger competitors that they lose all sense of themselves. Is yours guilty of the same?

Are you playing it so safe you’ve essentially neutered your own positioning – if not your entire brand?

Acclara, a management consulting firm that upped employee adoption of company supplied technology, didn’t want that to happen. While we wanted to be like a McKinsey or Bain, we also wanted to be ourselves. We worked with branding agency Sequel Studios to figure out exactly:

  • Who we were.
  • The problems we solved.
  • How we did it differently from everyone else.

This happened across the entire spectrum of marketing communications, from online to off, from employee manuals to new business proposals.

How did it all go over? Well, we caught the eye of a much larger company (MISI Company, now NTT Data) who acquired us in under a year.

So, it went pretty well.

I can’t promise if we work together that you’ll be snatched up by a large company and able to retire early. But you will get noticed for sounding uniquely like you.

And why would you want to sound like anything less?