The modern era is personal. Your brand should be too.

What makes a brand memorable?

It’s not a logo, tagline, or any one thing alone. It’s how all the components come together and make your customer feel.

These days, for anyone to “feel” something towards a brand, you need to get personal. Customers want to interact with brands that sound authentic, like there are other live people behind them – not nameless, faceless automatons.

B2B marketers in particular seem to forget this.

To their credit, the team at DataOwl didn’t. “We don’t want to sound boring, like so many other businesses tend to,” they said. “Our product and platform engages. We want to as well.”

So we engaged.

As part of their rebrand, we worked on a voice I’ve been crafting for many clients like them. I like to call it “business casual.” It’s for the B2B marketer who wants to sound professional, yet personable. Buttoned up, but not all the way to the top. Neatly pressed, but without the starch or dry cleaning tags.

Really, it’s not a radical course change. But clients remark on the clear distinction – more importantly, so do their customers. You can get a feel for it below.

How does your brand currently make customers feel?

When you’re ready to make business personal again, let’s talk.