Reviving an icon of yesterday and making it relevant today

How do you relaunch a brand with one of the most iconic taglines and make what’s old feel new again?

That was the challenge for Foster Grant, and its famous “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?” sunglasses campaign. The original advertising from the 60s and 70s relied on celebrity spokespeople to make the pitch. But a limited budget made celeb endorsements less attractive this time around.

We opted instead to up the star-power of everyday consumers, giving them an air of mystery and excitement.

The “Alter Ego” campaign tapped into the insight that, when you put on a cool pair of shades, you become someone else – going from “everyday” to “enigmatic.” We invited consumers to…

“Put on a pair of Foster Grant sunglasses and see who you become.”

For social media, we wanted to do something that not only tied into the campaign, but that also had legs on its own. We created an alter ego for the brand itself.

“Foster Grant” became the fictitious great-granddaughter of the founder. A fashionista, philanthropist, and flirt, “Foster” lived a jet-set lifestyle. Consumers could follow her adventures, while keeping track of everything she wore.