Why your business should play to emotional strengths, not just expertise

Do you have that one smarty pants friend or colleague who, without trying, makes you feel like a dummy around them?

Or maybe it’s an entire group of people – like your development team. They’re fluent in C++ and other geek speak, but they get a D- in making any of it understandable to you.

Milo Digital – a fuller service agency with roots as a dev shop – heard this complaint about many of its competitors. Its agency clients frequently said, “Those other guys make us feel dumb. You don’t. Your personality and approach instills as much confidence as your technical expertise.”

Message received.

So when it came time for a rebrand, Milo took the insight gleaned from its customers and used “personality” as a point of differentiation. You can see how it came together below.

The moral of this story? The way you make customers feel about your products and services is as important as the products and services themselves.

Make them feel smart, confident, and secure, and make way for new possibilities to emerge.