The only relationship app that gets you paid


Sometimes they can be forged over a simple cup of coffee. Of course, sometimes, they can be lost just as easily.

So what happens if you’re a solopreneur or micro-business and one or more of your clients owes you money? On the one hand, you have every right to demand payment. On the other, you want to tread lightly so as to preserve the relationship.

A delicate balance, indeed. How do you maintain it?

This invoice tracking app allowed small business owners to manage all their receivables in one place. It alerted them when invoices came due. And it coached them on how to deal with late payments, offering email templates and phone scripts on exactly what to say. (And when to say it.)

You could think of it as an invoice tracker – and a relationship hacker.

To announce its launch over a series of events, we created promotional materials that emphasized the relationship aspect. With multiple events across multiple venues, we opted to use a single, unifying message across all materials.

The “You + Who?” campaign started with this one-sheet to build relationships with co-working spaces. (Where test users would be recruited.)

It progressed to in-location signage, plus a series of postcards generating excitement around our events.

The campaign resulted in packed venues and more beta test subscribers than needed. It also successfully introduce the firm to a brand new group of businesses it didn’t typically target.