How Spring helped PwC warm up to smaller businesses

Do you find yourself adjusting what you say – and even how you say it – to different people throughout your daily interactions?

Maybe with Peggy, you’re professional and proper. With Larry, a little looser and laidback.
If you do, you understand not every message (or delivery) resonates exactly the same way with every audience. So you adjust accordingly.

Smart marketers do the same.

PwC understood that the way it spoke to its Global 1000 clients might sound a bit tone deaf to SMBs. So when the brand wanted to offer “Big 4 consulting” to smaller businesses, it changed its tune.

They sprung “Spring” into limited release, which offered:

  • A sub-branded experience tailored specifically to smaller and mid-sized businesses.
  • A fresher, more accessible tone and voice than the brand typically used.
  • A distillation of complicated financial practices into simpler, user-friendly content.

Said content included:

  • Original, longer-form articles on cash flow forecasting.
  • Responsive online diagnostics.
  • Downloadable workbooks, action plans, and more.

As copy supervisor on this project, I oversaw the efforts of three other writers. We liaised extensively with the firm’s subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy.

I also worked with the brand team and with Wolff Olins – PwC’s branding agency of record – to create this “baby brand.” The goal was to have Spring fall within established brand guidelines, yet still feel like its own distinct experience.

Here’s how it all came together.