Experience matters. But not always the kind you think.

Do you need to hire a copywriter with expertise in your industry?

It’s a question I get asked a lot.

The short answer is “yes.” And also “no.” Here’s what I mean.

There are nuances within any industry that a generalist (a copywriter with “general” or broad-based experience) simply won’t know or understand. That’s why it’s always smart to hire someone with industry-specific expertise.

But it may not be mandatory.

Few understand your industry as well as you do. And no one knows your business better than you. So, you could potentially hand off rough content that you or your employees have written. Bullet points. Briefs. Blog posts. You could source the information from wherever you see fit.

After reviewing it – and doing additional industry research – an experienced generalist will be able to take over and:

  • Flesh out the customer benefits
  • Shape the tone and voice
  • Use engagement tactics to drive interest and action

These are all things that technical writers with industry expertise sometimes can’t do. They may know their stuff, but they can’t always make it sing. And if you want to breakthrough and hold attention, you need a little lilt in your voice.

So that’s why it might make sense for you to hire a generalist like me.

In this brand’s case, I had zero experience when it came to IoT connectivity and security. But I played tag team with their technical writer and recrafted the content she gave me. Of course, it helped that we (the agency) put proper thought into a brand platform, customer personas, and the journey map.

Together, we all made this brand sound like a leader in its industry.